About the Essence of Nature Herbal Remedies Range


As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is practically on everyone’s mind at the moment it’s worth considering the following.

That our anti-oxidant formula has a tremendously high anti-oxidant content. It’s easily absorbed by the body leading the way in promoting a healthy immune system, vital in fighting any infection.

In combination with complete S we have found it very very successful in assisting the body to fight off infections and helping to promote good health. Complete S addressing all systems of the body along with our anti-oxidant formula, providing an abundance of anti-oxidants. A wonderful synergistic combination as an aid for a healthy immune system.

Important Announcement
Due to the coronavirus pandemic it is more urgent than ever that we do our best to keep our immune systems at optimum levels. Therefore we at nature’s essence are offering a 25% discount on our antioxidant range, this also includes our T/S as they are synergistic to each other.

Use covid19 discount code for 25% off all products.

Please note that any staff involved in the production of our products have been tested for coronavirus and this includes our master herbalist. We sincerely hope that this offer will assist many to obtain the antioxidants that they need in this crisis. Keep well and stay safe.

Welcome to the Essence of Nature Herbal Remedies Range, a powerful leading force in the natural promotion of health vitality and beauty.

Herbal Remedy Products of outstanding ability delivering natures essence in a natural way, having captured the living and vibrant force as found in nature by a gentle non heat non solvent process; which allows the body to quickly absorb this force and effectively distribute it throughout the living organism, helping to promote a healthy dynamic system bringing the body to optimum performance.

Quality Hand Crafted Natural Herbal Remedy Products by Master Herbalist as Nature Intended.

Not Tested on Animals. Made and Manufactured in New Zealand.

The Process

The process enables the gentle extradition of vitamins minerals and enzymes without disturbing the environment of the plants, thus creating a channel through which the living force of all nature can flow resulting in a truly living product which in turn is easily and rapidly absorbed by the body’s cells. It is essential for a healthy body not only to have vitalized blood but for the cells in the blood to be able to extract those substances that are essential to make and maintain a healthy cell and hence a healthy body.

The Transport System

Goods are shipped throughout countries and from country to country great care time energy and money are utilised in order to deliver goods from A to B and to arrive at their destination in good order. Also there are sentinels at every international airport and sea port to ensure that no prohibited goods enter their country. Those who export and import goods know that if there are faults in the delivery system it can be a costly experience and sometimes has devastating effects. The body’s system is much the same it has to have an efficient reception and delivery system.

It needs to be able to receive nourishment either in solid or liquid form and to transport it around the body to its correct destination. If a foundry requires steel then steel it must receive, not sugar in order to produce goods that other factors can utilize and so on.

Imagine what would happen if exports and imports became jumbled up, say fertilizer went to the foundry and steel to the farmer, even goods going to the wrong country, absolute chaos would ensue and economy’s would collapse as the chaos became too chaotic to sort out. The whole structure of the earths management of resources would disintegrate resulting in famine, ill health and ultimately many deaths. The system would only last for as long as its stock pile of resources would last. We witness this in countries that have been devastated by war etc.

Important as delivery is the quality of the goods being transported. Tractors that break down after a few harvests or won’t start at all are useless for purpose.

The analogies are endless. The body is the same, it needs to ingest quality material for the purpose and have the ability to transport it throughout the body and have receptors capable of receiving this life giving nourishment for correct distribution and evacuation of deadly substances.

Where to begin

Following our analogy of the world’s delivery system nationally or internationally, how do we repair a system that is broken down and in imminent danger of total irreversible collapse. The scenario is one of a circular nature.

When a country is devastated by war, natural disasters etc and its infrastructure is destroyed, no amount of flood aid can eradicate the problem, it is only a band aid solution. What is needed is the ability to rebuild the infrastructure and promote some form of self- sustenance and productivity.

The same can be said for the body. When the body is ravaged by malnutrition the unavailability of quality water, stress etc. That body not only needs good quality nourishment but assistance in its repair work and the ability to continue to maintain a healthy environment for the continuance of life. In this world of toxic chemicals on every hand in the food and water that we eat and drink and the air that we breath, and the water that we bathe in etc. A truly remarkable immunity system is required, gone are the days when quality water, food free from pesticides, air free from pollutants in the highest mountains the deepest oceans the most isolated environment pollutants immensely damaging to health are found. The key to remedy this is found in easily digested substances that supports and encourages the immune system. To effectively fulfill its function as it is designed to do. This is where Natures Essence plays a vital role.

Natures Essence provides Herbal Remedy products that are packed full of the essence of nature.

Antioxidants, colloidal minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids etc. readily accepted by the body rapidly and easily absorbed at cellular level, promoting healthy cellular activity and hence a body functioning at optimum health.


All of our Herbal Remedy products contain Essence of Nature Antioxidants which contain 35,000 units of Antioxidants per ML over the whole range of Antioxidants presently known.

Further our Herbal Remedy products do not contain preservatives or artificial substances of any kind.

A truly natural herbal product as created in nature.

Any plastic used for our Products is 100% recyclable food grade. Where possible, we use 100% glass.

The formulation may vary from time to time depending on seasonal variation of vibrancy of the Herbs used; But will be replaced by vibrant Herbs with same properties.


We make no medical claims for these products but used ingredients that have been used for over many many years for their efficacious properties.