Herbal Remedies Testimonials

Consider the following testimonial for Triple S for dogs:
“I am a shepherd and two of my dogs were in a very bad way. Both are nz bred hunterways, one was age 7 and had received a kick from a cow which damaged her rear right side ball and socket joint. The veterinary Doctor said that the only way that she could be helped was by either cutting the joint in half to relieve pain or take the leg off. I found this very distressing.

Fortunately I heard of Natures Essence Herbal Remedy Triple S rescue remedy and administered it mixed with jellied meat. Within a few weeks good results started to show. She now started using the leg and after 10 weeks was practically back to her own self, running smoothly and full of life.

That was two years ago and now she is still full of life and eager to go. She has a great coat clear eyes and obviously enjoys life once more.

My other dog that I mentioned was 10 years old at the time, it was getting stiffer and stiffer and ethargic. The vet suggested that it would be best to put it down. I also put it on Natures Essence Herbal Remedy Triple S rescue remedy. The results have been absolutely dramatic, within a few weeks she started to pick up and after 6 weeks the results were incredible, what a difference, running around alert and playful.

I have kept her on the rescue remedy and every day I am amazed. She is now 13 years old with no sign of slowing down. People around me who knew the condition of my dogs before cannot believe the results, especially after the vet forecasting a less than happy outcome. My other dog is a heading dog and I keep it on a maintenance dose the same as the other two as a preventative measure. What an astonishing product. I never thought such a product could exist. Truly this product is a rescue remedy, saving one dogs life and giving them both a great quality of life. Thank you so much, words cannot express my gratitude to you.