Herbal Essence of Nature Antioxidant – Anti Wrinkle Serum


  • Essence of Nature Antioxidant
  • Anti-Wrinkle Serum
  • The Science of Nature Combined
  • Encourages a Youthful Vibrant Appearance.


Essence of Nature Herbal Antioxidant

Important To Note:

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is practically on everyone’s mind at the moment it’s worth considering the following. That our anti-oxidant formula has a tremendously high anti-oxidant content. It’s easily absorbed by the body leading the way in promoting a healthy immune system, vital in fighting any infection.

In combination with complete S we have found it very very successful in assisting the body to fight off infections and helping to promote good health. Complete S addressing all systems of the body along with our anti-oxidant formula, providing an abundance of anti-oxidants. A wonderful synergistic combination as an aid for a healthy immune system.

Important Announcement
Due to the coronavirus pandemic it is more urgent than ever that we do our best to keep our immune systems at optimum levels. Therefore we at nature’s essence are offering a 25% discount on our antioxidant range, this also includes our T/S as they are synergistic to each other.

Use covid19 discount code for 25% off all products.

Please note that any staff involved in the production of our products have been tested for coronavirus and this includes our master herbalist. We sincerely hope that this offer will assist many to obtain the antioxidants that they need in this crisis. Keep well and stay safe.



30 GM


Glycerine, La Lanolin, Coconut Oil,
Beeswax, Olive Oil, Berry Fruit
Extract, Essence of Nature
Antioxidant, Vitamin C (natural
source), Stearic Acid.

Quality Hand Crafted Natural Herbal Remedy Products by Master Herbalist as Nature Intended.

Not Tested on Animals. Made and Manufactured in New Zealand.